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Thread: HP Pavilion DV5 wireless configuration problem.

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    Default HP Pavilion DV5 wireless configuration problem.

    Hi there. First of all i wanted to say that i was searching for any tips before posting this, but nothing helped me.

    So, i have my HP Pavilion DV5 with its standard wireless card and i cant turn it on.

    I was trying commands from here:
    but none of them helped.

    iwconfig says:
    lo          no wireless extensions
    eth0        no wireless extensions
    I was searching also in tutorials on this forum and other users posts but it really didnt help!

    I had same problem on my other computer (Acer Aspire). The only thing i can make is putting my shitty USB WiFi Card (AND IT WORKS!) which have been given to me as"free extra bonus" for some pc shit.

    Thank You

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    click the wifi button on your laptop once. then open a shell and type:
    ifconfig wlan0 up
    after that type
    to see if the wlan is really up. i'm guessing you are using the usb live right?

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