In the wiki dual install for BT4 with Vista, the installer shows a Before and After image with a guided resizer option. The guider apparently detects Vista and a remainder of the hda that is unformatted into which it will format and install BT4. That's all fine and good, but on my machine which contains XP as hda1 and other linux files in hda2 and hda3 and an already formatted linux type 3 in hda4 ready willing and able to accept BT4, the installer only presents me with the "Guided - use entire disk" option or Manual.

I'm hesitant to use the Manual option, and the guided option looks like it's going to wipe out the entire hda and install ubuntu 8.10 onto it.

I naturally don't choose "Guided - use entire disk" because as stated above that sounds like it's going to wipe out the XP install.

If I choose manual and leave all partitions as they are (hda1=XP, hda2=formatted linux, hda3=formatted linux, hda4=formatted linux for the BT4 install created with partition magic), I receive a message that says "No root file system defined - please correct this from the partitioning menu" when clicking the forward button.

Can someone please advise what is the next step so I dont' blow away my XP install.

Thank you.