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Thread: Can't download in backtrack 4

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    Default Can't download in backtrack 4

    Hi,please help me ,in backtrack 4, i just upload some ebook linux from window vista to mediafire and 4shared,but in linux, i can't dowload in overthere

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    get a thumb drive and format it to fat32 and out your data there. Think outside the box (the box being your computer)
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    Whoah, whoah, slow down! Dont overwhelm us with too much detail!

    If you are trying to download these files via Firefox (and I can only assume thats what you're doing since you didnt specify) NoScript may be stopping you.
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    and to dig dipper: noscript is a Firefox extension, you might want to add exceptions for specific sites. Don't disable it. The little "S" on the bottom right corner - right click it.

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