I had received a copy of Back Track 3 a few months ago and I am now starting to get some what familiar with it. I have decided that the best way for me to get a better relationship with Back Track I have decided to install it onto my system. The problem is though, I do not have too much space available on my master drive to partition the space required, I do have barely enough but not as much as I will probably need. The thing is, I had inserted a slave drive. I want to dual boot Back Track with Windows XP. Windows is on my master drive, now I want Back Track and all installs, updates, etc. to be on my slave drive so that I will have plenty of space to fool around with Back Track. How do I do this? I have searched afar for ways to just even install Back Track on the hard drive but I just can't find the best ways to do it. I only have the Live CD version of Back Track but want it to run from my slave drive. How?

I have placed a slave drive on my system so that I may dual boot WinXP and Backtrack. The thing is though is I do not want back track on the master drive. I have backtrack to have it's own hard drive for max space for everything. How do I make this work? I am starting to get used to Back track but want to establish a closer relationship by installing backtrack. I have the Live CD but I don't want to run live, I want to run off the hard drive. how do I do this?