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Thread: Raw Ports?

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    Default Raw Ports?


    so ive been looking around thinking about what packet injection would do to online gaming. from what i have found on Google it can be very effective in some games and not so effective in others. The only way i know how to inject packets into a network currently is with a wireless card, but i feel like my needs for making this kind of exploit effective ill have to stay wired. ive searched Google for a long time and have come across a few programs that will actually do all the dirty work for you for the most part, but every program seems to be shady.

    If anyone knows anything about over the wire packet injection (raw ports?), or what programs are more effective for gaming or not, please let me know.
    And if you know of a program that will let you inject over wire but its not good for gaming i would like to know about that too.

    and if you feel like being nice any information about the use of the application would be helpful too

    sorry if this topic has been posted before, but i couldn't find anything useful on the forum and Google led me down some shady paths.


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    Packet injection into games is considered "hacking" though I hate the term, and violates the games Terms of Service (I can't think of a commercial game with a public server that does not have some anti-cheating rules from the past 6 years).

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    Yes, this is considered bad form in online gaming, and cheating detection on servers is commonplace.

    Anyway, now you have been warned about that, you can look at Ettercap to see if that does what you need. Don't expect the process of using it to modify game traffic to be particularly easy however. I'm sure each online game sends traffic in different ways and modifying it in any meaningful way will require that you understand how the communication protocol works and where to make the changes.

    Have fun.
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