I'm a new in BT that why I'm looking for a little help... I'm sure that somebody can help me. Don't forget that everybody was a beginner once. All the problems until now I took care myself reading the forum, but now I'm stuck. I'm trying to update the kernel to version Everything is going perfectly until I receive an error message "Memory Low" and the process stops. I used first a 4GB USB Memory and I thought the memory stick is full, and I changed with another one of 16GB. But the same problem. In this case I think, the problem is my RAM . How can I fix it? Is it any solution or any script to create the "VAR" folder on the stick and not in RAM? I know that maybe I'm looking like a stupid, but I didn't work with Linux. Only with Windows until now. Thank's to all great peoples which are creating every day great programs like this. Sorry for my imperfect English... and thank's in advance for your help!