Hi all, Windows XP shows me I have the unlucky broadcom 4318 wifi cards (driver BCMWL5.SYS).
I run BT3 live CD and that chipset was not supported; with my surprise IS (half) supported on "BT4 pre final" live DVD.

I say half supported, because now I can scan wifi connections on range and I able to connect to my wifi network.
But when I go to test a WEP protected network I think it fails "packet injection" because packet collected are so poor (#Data column) and i will take a lot to collect at least 10.000 packet as suggested in several tutorial.

What I wanted to know: Are there any chances to do "packet injection" with my chipset running backtrack4 ON A LIVE CD/DVD???

And if I run on Vmware or virtual box?? I suppose I need a dongle USB wifi card, is it true??
Thx and sry for my english