Hi everybody,
I submit a simple program I created. Using a wireless card in monitor mode, it will flood the air with beacons frames containings randomized channels, essids and encryption levels. The result is very visible if you use airodump or kismet with another computer near.

It can be a good stress test of the wireless networks manager. For instance the Gnome network manager is drove crazy.

There is not yet many option but it can be added to a future release.

Download & Pictures:
dev.gregwar.com/network/AirJam/ (DEAD, Use the RS Link bellow)

1) Extract the targz (tar zxvf airjam-0.15.tgz)
2) Go into the directory (cd airjam) and type "make" to compile
3) You can run airjam using: ./airjam -i interface. Interface must be a wireless one in monitor mode
4) If you want, type "make install" to put airjam in your binaries directory, so you will be able to type "airjam" anytime later

It's worked with BT4 when I tested.

I'm awaiting for your comments/ideas etc.