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Thread: Samsung N110 Netbook - Flawless out of the box

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    Thumbs up Samsung N110 Netbook - Flawless out of the box

    The Samsung N110 netbook is working great with BT4pf out of the box. The internal wireless NIC has an Atheros chipset and functions flawlessly from what I have been able to determine without modification or driver updates. The following results were obtained with a 100% stock N110 and USB live install. I did upgrade the 1 gig memory chip to a 2 gig.

    Warning: I am mostly a newb at this so please bear with me. My N110 and I are continuing the BT journey together after I got tired of the limitations of my MacBook Pro booting from DVD. (The Atheros chipset did not like to change MAC address, for example...sniffing wasn't able to see outgoing packets other than from localhost...)

    I chose the N110 because, if the specs sheets are right, it's essentially just the NC10 with a larger trackpad. Every review on the NC10 raves about it but says the trackpad is too small, which made it a no-brainer. So everything that works for the NC10 SHOULD work on the N110. Here is a great thread by Shadow_x51 who figured out how to map many of the NC10 special keys. It also has all the NC10 specs and working/nonworking features:

    Here's another thread (on wordpress) with some great NC10 info for Ubuntu:

    Here's the play-by-play:

    * Boots to USB
    * Associating - Flawless in open, WEP, and WPA networks using NET START and Wicd.
    * Packet sniffing - Both incoming and outgoing traffic on OTHER wireless clients, while associated, flawlessly with Wireshark. Also sniffs great in monitor mode.
    * MAC Address spoofing - No problem, associates fine to a standard Netgear wireless router after changing MAC to 00:11:22:33:44:55
    * Packet injection - Check. WEP cracked successfully. WPA to come. Packet injection was fast and without incident. (Actually wesside-ng failed with a packet size error, but "manually" worked great, and I have heard of others having problems with wesside in its current version.

    The system restore partition is installed before XP partition, so /boot needs to be between them if you want to just use the D: drive partition space for your BT install. I have yet to accomplish a dual boot alongside the original Samsung XP install. does not have the option of doing that, and will only allow you to manually install or make it 100% Ubuntu. Partition Magic even errored out until I deleted the D: drive manually in XP. I am going to try dumping the restore partition and moving the XP partition over. Leaving the restore partition in place means you can't have all primary partitions either since 2 original plus 3 linux (boot, swap, main) means 5 total. Yay.

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    Can you recommend the guide that you used for setting up the live usb?

    Thank you very much!


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