Hi, first post and n00b.

For the time beeing I am living in an apartment with no internett. In the apartment under my is my uncle living, he as wlan. I asked if I could get the key for his wlan, he responded: "If you can guess it, I will give you access".

So I though I would use BT4 to aid me in "guessing" his key... but he uses WPA encryption, and the wordlists I have tried so far has not given me any key. And I have tried some pretty large ones( 1.9 gb).

Since I am feeding his cat I have the key to his apartement, and thus his router. I have thought about sticking a pin in the reset button, but then he would notice that I have fiddled with his equipment...

So I was thinking: is there any way of finding his router user/password when I am wired to his router. It is a wrt54g v7 router btw.

Hope you can help me "beat" my uncle.