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Thread: Vmware + backtrack 4 + usb wireless + antenna = 0.o

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    Thumbs up Vmware + backtrack 4 + usb wireless + antenna = 0.o

    good day everyone!

    ok vmware installed ... checked
    ok backtrack inside vmware ... checked
    ok usb wireless adaptor with an external antenna ... error
    ........................................... starting post

    now thats where everybody get screw what i'm trying to, find is and usb wireless adaptor preferably (N) since we now that is the fastest.

    * but must be antenna attachable i found some like it --->>
    Edimax 7318USG

    *and i thought if a replace that little antenna for big one things would improve a lot like this ----->>>>
    D-Link ANT24-0800

    *i also have check the backtrack website to see if the model edimax woudl be compatible and it seems that it's fine

    now what it makes me confuse is would that work ???

    if anyone knows a good wireless N usb adaptor that can attach a high range antenna i would be glad to know i dont care how much it cost just a little bit

    or then just freaking give me any usb wireless adapt that i can attach an antenna any ideas?

    any help is welcome im googleing this for 3 days now


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    I agree with Barry. This is the advice I got from sandaili.

    "There is another Alfa that does b/g/n, but it is not as good on b and g as the original Alfa you are talking about. The company has a blog on it but I can't link to it because I have less than 15 posts. Anyway, go with the original Alfa you are thinking of, and enjoy I have used it now on both BT3 and BT4 Prefinal.

    I would not get this card for "range" (yes it sees a few more networks than my laptop, but my Airlink 101 card sees even more networks, however is not supported for injection or really at all..I only got it to work once).

    I'd just get the card because it's fairly cheap and it's known to work and is supposed to be durable. Mine is only a few days old but I hope that is the case with the ruggedness."

    then, ~LCF~ says

    "As theprez98 said, buy the Alfa 500 b/g. Avoid the draft-n card : it seems to me there's no driver patched for injection for now... Moreover, you might not find yet any (draft-)n/ADSL box for a little while... And should you find one, it would use WPA2... Nothing really interesting if you search for WEP..."

    that's the advice I got, and so far it makes perfect sense.

    I looked up the Alfa cards and I've decided to buy the AWUS036H for g and b, and I will buy a seperate card for n (yet to be determined).

    Hope that helps you, the thread with this info is mine, close to this one. Its called 'before I even bother installing...'

    Apparently good n cards that can inject are hard to find, but I'll let you know what I come up with.

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