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Thread: USB booted BT4 on Inspiron 8600 w/ IPW2200

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    Default USB booted BT4 on Inspiron 8600 w/ IPW2200

    Am I dead in the water for packet injection with this equipment? It seems like BS4 would have included all the necessary patches for the IPW driver by now but maybe it's so outdated that it isn't worth it. I can't find any current articles on the subject and everything is dated '07 involving BT2.

    I just purchased a NETGEAR WG111v2. Will this get me back in business?

    Thanks guys.

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    You can inject with ipw2200 but you have to associate with the AP first and there are very limited injection capabilities.

    As for netgear wg111v2 it depends on the chipset, I'd check the HCL on the old wiki.

    I personally have the latter version of that dongle and would not recommend it to anyone strictly because it has a very poor range and I think it dies relatively quick.

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