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Thread: Test streamming ports

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    Default Test streamming ports

    yo folks!

    does anyone know if is there any particular tool within BT3/4 that I could use to test whether my host is streamming or not in particular ports?

    Don't wanna just test if the server is responding in certain ports, I acctually would like to maybe even retrieve first few packets response from the server lets say... just to make sure that it's live

    My scenario:
    myhost[dot]com : [8082] => streams radio 1
    myhost[dot]com : [8083] => streams radio 2
    myhost[dot]com : [8084] => streams radio 3

    myhost[dot]com : [8090] => streams video 1
    myhost[dot]com : [8091] => streams video 2
    myhost[dot]com : [8093] => streams video 3

    any suggestions please???

    best 4 all

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    Any reason why you want to use BT to test this? Id just install Wireshark on your client machine, start capturing packets and then make a streaming request to the server.
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