Hello Everyone.
after couple of days searching the web i gave up finding the answer to my problam alone.

ok so here is the detail:
i got TP link WN821 wireless card, used windows 7 and windows xp with VmWare Workstation 7.0.1 build-227600, and the VMWare verision of back track 4 final.

i did everything just like the tutorials but when i press airmon-ng it doesnt show anything - give me no options, i disabled the windows wireless card and it was only enabled on the VmWare, Vmware says it identify the wirless card and its connected to it but the airmon-ng command doesnt show any options. when i press IWCONFIG i see 2 options lo and eth0 (they both written to have no wireless)

i searched almost everywhere on the web, and i even downloaded the regular verision of back track burned it and started it as live cd but still it wont work.


by the way i saw that the usb wireless card im using is supported so i dont think thats the problam.

Thanks alot for whoever can help me !!!