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    I just recieved my SR71-E today, put it in my laptop, and I felt the urge to post my experience, 'cause this card is just amazing.
    2.4/5 ghz 'n' mode 300MBs, works out of the box with backtrack 4 final; monitor/injection mode with ath9k driver, unbelievable browsing speeds I have never seen before for a wifi card.
    It's like I'm even forgetting the fact that it's wireless, it feels like I'm connected by wire.
    In my network, I've got a NAS server aswell, and the speeds I'm getting right now are almost tripled compared to my previous standard Intel 5100agn card, same goes for internet speed.
    The range/sensitivity of this card is noticably better than my previous card too.
    And no more waiting for a video from my NAS to buffer, it's instant now, like the video is on my laptop's hard drive. even HD 1080p.
    It works perfect with Windows 7 aswell. (note that the latest ubiquiti driver for this card strangely doesn't work that well, I needed to use a microsoft AR9280 driver that's standard included in Windows 7, perfect driver.)
    I had already been told, but now I can actually confirm that this card is most probably the best minipci-express card in the market today, and with it's 400mw of power combined with this great Atheros chipset, it will outperform any similar Intel/Realtek/.. minipci-e card when speaking of overall performance.
    I have yet to do some more testing with injection, but I currently know all the aireplay-ng attacks work, except chop-chop. I've also seen max injecting speeds of 300 packets/sec. it might inject even faster, this is just what I saw when I tried the first time.

    Truly amazing in my eyes, I'd recommend these SR71 series to anyone! A bit pricey, but well worth the money if you ask me!

    - Max injection speed seen: (without ARP amplification, from about 75 feet away of AP) 420 pps
    - Macchanger working as it should
    - internet surfing with ath9k driver ok, but strangely it 'times out' sometimes, using modprobe to disable/re-enable the card fixes this.
    it does not time out when you're actively browsing the internet.
    but I don't mind this problem, since my main OS is still Windows 7.
    - aireplay-ng chopchop DOES work after all, but you always have to set source mac (-h)
    - weird airodump-ng behavior from time to time (ENC switches, non-excisting clients show up, .. but nothing serious that would stop you from doing what you're doing.

    I wouldn't say it's as strong like the alfa 500mw, but it does have obvious better sensitivity than the alfa, more clients and AP's show up.
    I'm really enjoying this card. it fits my needs perfectly, and exceeds my expectations when I bought it by far.
    if you're looking for a new wireless card which does it all and is future-proof, look no more. SR71-E/X/C is the way to go.

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