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Thread: BT4 On HP Mini 1030nr Need help with network

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    Default BT4 On HP Mini 1030nr Need help with network

    I was following this thread[/url]

    I got all the way to the end where I typed sudo ./
    It ran thru everything down the list fine then at the end it said

    Compile the kernel (error) [Failed]

    An error has occurred during the compile proces which prevented the
    installation from completing.
    Take a look at the log file install.log for more informations.
    Installation of package failed.

    Do packages have to be installed from the root dir? i was installing from

    Im trying to get the Wired networking up and running so i can dowload the wireless package and load that one in.


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    Ok, first off I have to say that the thread you were trying to get it going was a very old guide, most likely for backtrack 3 not backtrack 4.

    The kernel source is in /usr/src and its compressed, which means you'll need to decompress it first, and possibly symlink the full name to /usr/src/linux

    The other thing is that you have not pasted your install.log so there is no way for anyone to easily figure out where exactly is your problem.

    Are you also using backtrack 4 pre-final? if not, use it as chances are it may already have the driver included with the kernel.

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