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Thread: AIR imager not working...

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    Default AIR imager not working...

    me@backtrack:~$ air
    /home/me/.airrc opened for read.
    Attempting to load scsi module...FATAL: Module scsi_hostadapter not found.
    Couldn't load scsi module. Return value of 'modprobe scsi_hostadapter' = 1.
    Cannot open '/pentest/misc/air-imager//share/air/bitmaps/browse.gif' in mode 'r' at /usr/lib/perl5/Tk/ line 21.

    Help please...great OS!

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    the error stopping air from loading is that it simply cannot find it's images. not sure what the real fix should be, but you can edit /usr/bin/air and change:

    my $bitmap_dir="/pentest/misc/air-imager//share/air/bitmaps";
    my $air_log_dir = "/pentest/misc/air-imager//share/air/logs";

    my $bitmap_dir="/usr/share/air/bitmaps";
    my $air_log_dir = "/usr/share/air/logs";
    for now that gets it to load. i haven't tried actually using it yet. note that the air installation script complains about dependencies:

    The uudecode program could not be found on your system.
    This installer can't proceed without it. uudecode is
    part of the sharutils package. Please install sharutils

    Perl/Tk is not installed on your system or you have a version
    (804.028) other than what is called for, so for the installation
    to proceed, it will have to be downloaded from the CPAN site on
    the Internet.
    i'm not sure if either of these need addressing yet.


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