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Thread: Backtrack 4 won't Shutdown or Reboot

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    Question Backtrack 4 won't Shutdown or Reboot

    it's maybe a noob question but i can't shutdown in backtrack 4 i've installed it on my hdd and it works great
    but if i want to shutdown it says:
    reboot: needs to be root
    the same with shutdown

    can anybody tell me what to do???

    thanks anyway

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    Let me ask why you are using BT?

    To answer your question: change the user to root and run the command(s).
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    "sudo shutdown -P now" for poweroff
    "sudo shutdown -r now" for reboot

    It will prompt you for your password.
    It took me some reading to figure it out bc I'm a noob to linux, but research and searching led me to my answers
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