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Thread: Wierd? (I did not now how to log onto BT4)

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    Unhappy Wierd? (I did not now how to log onto BT4)

    Hello I just installed from my live DVD every thing went okay.
    rebooted went to login with the username and password that I created during the install process...... put the username in fine then couldn't type any thing in the password field.
    I've rebooted a few times with the same result can't type any password, tried logging on as root still can't enter any thing?
    Every thing seems to load properly, I get not error messages?
    Can't find any threads on the subjuct loads about login on as root but like this, nothing on google, must just be me?
    Thanks in advance

    As it is just me with this problem not a bug? Have I posted in the wrong section. If I have my apologies.

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    I'm laughing. This is not a bug, this is a feature.

    Actually I recall a bloke called Ken who did this when I was in TAFE with him, poor mongrel wiped his machine three times before I let him in on the secret.

    The Password: field works fine, but it doesn't report any stars back because that gives someone the chance to count the length of your password. Try just typing it in and pressing enter.

    It will be less hilarious if I am wrong though :/

    Still, while you're training, go find a quick basic-usage guide for ubuntu, I'm certain they cover this in their basics process.
    Still not underestimating the power...

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    Lol what a twit. Shows how windowcised I am, I have down loaded some bash guides, and BT4 guide but it is a bit sparse, I will go look for some unbuntu guides, thanks for the heads up mate, glad I gave you giggle he he

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