Hi all. I finally ordered and recieved the old Alfa.

But I am stuck at injection. I associate just fine...

My problem: the read packet count goes up, but I get 0 ARP requests and 0 Acks...sent packets, 0, after trying injection.

Injection test says injection is working, as seen here:

For information, no action required: Using gettimeofday() instead of /dev/rtc
18:49:07 Trying broadcast probe requests...
18:49:07 Injection is working!
18:49:09 Found 13 APs

18:49:09 Trying directed probe requests...
18:49:09 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - channel: 6 - 'xxxxxxxxx'
18:49:13 Ping (min/avg/max): 0.068ms/111.880ms/160.466ms Power: 56.79
18:49:13 29/30: 96%

Not sure if there are tutorials for the alfa anywhere here, specifically, I am searching but probably missing them. I will continue to look.

I was going to get the new Alfa, but the distributor said they tested it and it's not so hot...

One more question: with the Alfa, do I need to set my mac to the same as the ap's mac?