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Thread: POssible for Hydra ( java script inside )?

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    Default POssible for Hydra ( java script inside )?

    i hope its the right forum.

    The Form:

    					<form id="myform" action="/dummy" onsubmit="send_login(); return false;">
    									<label class="duple" for="username">Benutzername&nbsp;:</label>
    									<select id="username" name="username">
    										<option value="admin">Administrator</option>
    										<option value="user">Benutzer</option>
    									<label class="duple" for="password">Kennwort&nbsp;:</label>
    									<input type="password" id="password" maxlength="15" name="password" value="" tabindex="100" />
    									<input class="button_submit_padleft" type="button" name="Login" value="Anmelden" onclick="send_login();" />

    And the function:

    	function send_login()
    		/* Salt in hex, 8 chars long. */
    		var salt = "cc52f345";
    		var password = document.forms.myform.password.value.substr(0,16);
    		document.forms.myform.password.value = "";		// Make sure password never gets sent as clear text
    		/* Pad the password to 16 chars. */
    		for (var i = password.length; i < 16; i++) {
    			password += String.fromCharCode(1);
    		/* Append the password to the salt and pad the result to 63 bytes. */
    		var input = salt + password;
    		for (var i = input.length; i < 63; i++) {
    			input += String.fromCharCode(1);
    		/* Append a 'U' for user login, or a '\x01' for admin login. */
    		input += (document.forms["myform"].username.value == 'user') ? 'U' : String.fromCharCode(1);
    		/* MD5 hash of the salt. */
    		var hash = hex_md5(input);
    		/* Append the MD5 hash to the salt. */
    		var login_hash = salt.concat(hash);
    		/* Send the login hash to the server. */
    		var xmlobj = new xmlDataObject(data_ready, data_timeout, 6000, "/post_login.xml?hash=" + login_hash);
    		if (!xmlobj) {
    			/* Browser does not support XML DOM. */
    			alert ("Ihr Webbrowser ist nicht aktuell genug, um diese Website zu verwenden. Aktualisieren Sie Ihren Browser.");

    May anyone explain what the hydra parameters for bruteforcing that?

    Best Regards

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    Default Re: POssible for Hydra ( java script inside )?

    What website is this from?
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    Default Re: POssible for Hydra ( java script inside )?

    Quote Originally Posted by lupin View Post
    What website is this from?
    You might try a D-Link DIR-635. If the mods are a bit suspect on this one, he has posted the question in at least two german forums elsewhere as well but has not stripped a lot of the information out of those as far as I can tell. My german is apparently a little rusty.

    And to answer the OP's question, no to hydra.
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    Default Re: POssible for Hydra ( java script inside )?

    Hi thanks for answering, its a Dlink Dir 615.
    I tryd combinations with salt+rainbowshashes, but hydra dont make it out. I add the right hash but nothing...

    Anyone can explain what tool i can use for that?




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