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Thread: Dual Boot Vista Problems

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    Default Dual Boot Vista Problems

    I am new to Ubuntu and BackTrack 4 I have always been a windows man but my new position at the "Cop Shop" has me learning Eforensics! I have always been a fast learner so I know I am up to the task of mastering Backtrac 4! In attempting to load BT4 (Dual boot with Vista) following the video posting to the letter at 51% of the file copying process my laptop locked up! after waiting for 45 minutes I sadly pressed the power button. chkdsk came up automatically but the laptop (Gateway model MT 3707) booted into Vista ok. Then received a message telling me to reboot for my new drivers to work?????? Should I re-install BT4 again following the same steps? Thanks in advance for your help

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    Fix your windows setup and then grab a 8 gig or better usb card and then get unetbootin and the .iso and make an install that way. Then you will have the chance to play with back track without worrying about messing up the windows again. The above or using the live dvd would be the easiest way to go.
    That should at least get your started.
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    You could try using a vmware image (or install bt4 to virtualbox)

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