Hi and greetz from The Netherlands,

For a little while now I've been using BT4 to my great satisfaction. I've been able to use the tools to audit my own network and amend the wholes I found. Many thanks for that.

I have poked around in linux off and on for years, but am still a total n00b.

One of the things I havn't been able to get fixed are the MANY errors I encounter during the boot. Buffer i/o errors, media errors etc. Though at the end of the rain of errors, I do get a prompt, I can start my GUI and the things I use seem fine. The video, the sound, my network interfaces, USB...
Seeing as how the errors take aprox. 3minutes, I would love to get rid of them and boot nice and clean and quickly.

I use: BT4 pre release DVD iso on live USB(UNetbootin). MD5 checked OK.

I made a video showing the boot containing many errors (sorry for the quality):Youtube search code: NuvpnDdPiuk.

All advise and or tips in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!