If my AP has no security on it (no wep/wpa) and i have multiple computers connected to my ap. How could I backdoor(test) one of those pcs. Since there is no cracking needed, this task would be easier i guess ?

I seen a few tut on it but they weren't quite clear enough for me to understand or even see with my own eyes(due to low vid quality) since im new to this kind of backdoor method. I also have a better way to actually backdoor a computer but, with bt it makes it much easier.

Let me explain:
Once backdoored (using bt), I can place a non-harmful exe to remotely connect to the pc. That way i dont have to type all that mumbo shumbo command line stuff to do what i need to do. And ill have a remote GUI to look at.

Long story short. Since remote tools don't come with the ability to get inside a box using this exploit, combine bt+a remote tool, and you're in business, easy as pie. I will be using this method for work purposes fyi, when im at work.