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    Default unable to boot

    I recently acquired a Dell Optiplex 960. BT4 won't boot in any mode. It only makes it as far as "Loading...". I suspect the Intel Vpro and the donkey-shit Dell did with their hardware on this model. I'm still in the process of playing with the BIOS to see if i can get it to boot but I figured I'd ask just in case.

    Also, on another PC the mouse seems to randomly stop working. I haven't found any common ground as far as whats going on when it happens (its happened while idle and while using different apps) at random times. Sometimes its good for 5 minutes, sometimes an hour. This really isn't a big deal as I'd rather get it running on the 960, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case. Any ideas?

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    Well at first post in the correct section.
    Also there have been so many threads about issues that you should at first search and second know to give some more infos.
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