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Thread: USB HDD: Install with USB method or HDD method?

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    Default USB HDD: Install with USB method or HDD method?

    I have an 80GB USB external drive formatted with FAT32 (slow format). Using the USB method with Unetbootin to make the ISO bootable does not work. I have attempted to boot using the external USB HDD from 2 computers, and both simply sit there with a blinking dash (or underscore) with no activity on the USB drive. I have attempted this process 3 times - format, then use Unetbootin to move ISO. Burning to DVD works just fine. I do have experience booting from external drives, so yes, I have changed boot priority in the BIOS. I have also tried an app called Bootflash to make the ISO bootable from the USB HDD, but Bootflash complains that the ISO is not in an ISO Linux format (not sure what that means).

    So, should I be using the Hard Drive method of installing Backtrack's ISO to the USB HDD instead of the USB Live method? TIA.
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