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Thread: noob need help with bt3

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    Exclamation noob need help with bt3

    hi i got my bro to download bt3 for me wen i got home there were 2 folders on my computer ( boot & BT3 ) he says that is the os but i know it needs to be an iso so i put the 2 folders in to an iso and burned them to cd but wen i put the cd in my computer and go to bios and click boot fromcd first is looks for a boot record then on the cd then the screen gose blank then it loads up my windows xp can any one help me or tell me wot i have done rong


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    $DEITY on a stick learn some punctuation and grammar.

    To answer your problem though, your "bro" has extracted the ISO on you and thus screwed up the bootable sections of it. Suffer through the download again and this time don't extract the ISO (the file should stay the same!!!!!). Verify it's hash (if you don't know how I suggest you learn, if you have to ask I suggest you stick with windows), and only then burn the disc.
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    And in addition to that, DO NOT copy the iso directly to the CD. You need to google on how to burn an iso image to CD.
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