i discovered ndiswrapper and i found that i need the sys and the inf file, i put them in a /root/folder1 directory and i tried to use it on my card and this happened

bt ~ # ndiswrapper
install/manage Windows drivers for ndiswrapper

ndiswrapper OPTION

-i inffile install driver described by 'inffile'
-a devid driver use installed 'driver' for 'devid' (dangerous)
-r driver remove 'driver'
-l list installed drivers
-m write configuration for modprobe
-ma write module alias configuration for all devices
-mi write module install configuration for all devices
-v report version information

where 'devid' is either PCIID or USBID of the form XXXX:XXXX,
as reported by 'lspci -n' or 'lsusb' for the card
bt ~
# ndiswrapper -i /root/folder1/wg311v3.inf
installing wg311v3 ...
couldn't open /root/folder1/wg311v3.inf: No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/ndiswrapper line 181.

bt ~ #

i went to look at line 181 and found that it was the line saying if cant find directory display this message. help please :P