BT4 on my Dell Vostro 1510 is working like archie reports. I use an Intel 3945 wireless rather than the 4965 archie reported using. The wired ethernet works fine. The screen has no obvious problems and GParted sees the hard drive partitions properly.

I do have a few issues with the Live CD. It works, but not with all boot options. Selecting the 1st option (FrameBuffer 1024x768) does work. I can get into X, use tools and invoke the browser. Other boot selections do not work. My selection on the boot screen is not highlighted so I'm not certain what the other choices are that fail or work when I use the arrow keys to select something besides the 1st entry. (Yes I can count my down arrows, but I can't be certain that the keyboard is working.) On more than one boot option, my keyboard does not work once the root prompt is shown. This is along the lines of what Satanic Soulful is reporting on his Vostro 1520, but I have more than one option that works from the Live CD.

I created a bootable BT4 thumb drive. On the few choices that I tried, I ran into no keyboard issues and my selection on the boot screen was highlighted. I created the USB drive with a persistent option. This works since I've installed Nessus on it and Nessus was there after I rebooted.

I installed BT4 into a VirtualBox 3.0.6 VM where it works fine too.

Good job guys!