I have installed Back|Track 4 PR on my EEE-PC1000 netbook on a Kingston 32G SDHC media card. I have an automated script that I made a couple of months ago that I am modifying now since I got back into Wireless auditing as my side job.

My problem:
When using my script (Or even using the commands) I would get a max of 13-18 IV's per second (#'S)

I thought this was odd because when I had Aircrack-ng installed on my Ubuntu system I would get over 180 IVs. I talked with some great folks at Aircrack-ng and they suggested it "could" be a driver problem. To my understanding after some research Back|Track 4 PR uses mac80211 drivers. They suggested using IEEE80211 drivers instead and see if the results are the same.

IEEE80211 were the same drivers I was using when running Ubuntu couple of months ago. I would like to try these drivers and see if I am having the same issue or if the issues is resolved, and then try and figure out why this is happening.

I really have no idea how to change these drivers. I tried, "modprobe -r mac80211; modprobe ieee80211" but it gave me an error that Module ieee80211 was not found.

I think I would have to first download the drivers from the repository and then maybe use the command stated above. But I cannot seem to find the drivers in the repository

Can anyone guide me through this or maybe direct me in the right direction? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

Spec info
Back|Track 4 PR
Aircrack-ng 1.0 rc4 r1621
Alfa AWUS036H (Atheros)