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Thread: WPA Handshake Question

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    Default WPA Handshake Question

    Hi , I am testing WPA crack on my AP and captured the handshake( got WPA Handshake on top when capturing airodump-ng) but when i tried to crack it, its not cracking even with correct password supplied. I analyzed handshake capture with wireshark and found I only have Replay counter 1 from AP and client and no reply counter 2 from any side. Does that mean its not valid handshake?
    I am bit confused as on aircrack-ng tutorial they have example of successful handshake where AP and client both return Replay counter 2 but on other hand airodump said it has captured handshake and aircrack-ng process to crack handshake does not complain about missing handshake.

    can someone please help
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