There are multiple versions of the alfa.
On one version the alfa needed 2 usb ports to power the device?
Is this the same as the Y cable from a previous thread?

I have a long range stationary setup in planning.
dish/grid antenna->alfa->PoE hub->UTP down tower and into house.
UTP->PoE injector+ethernet-USB converter.

Some of the points in this setup are hazy to me.
Does such a hub/switch/router exist?-I found one for verizon wireless USB cards
Would chipset for the hub would be important when interfacing with BT?
Or would BT see through the Hub into the alfa?
Will the PoE blow up my USB host interface in the laptop/PC?

It seems I am making this more complicated than it should be but sitting on top of a tower with my laptop surfing the internet does not sound right.

I could sit my laptop on the tower and share the internet connection with the builtin ethernet adapter, but then Ive dedicated a laptop to a sky burial.

Help is appreciated.