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Thread: Problems updating BT4 with the script

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    Default Problems updating BT4 with the script

    I was trying (using fedora as the host computer) to update BT4 using this guide:

    BackTrack Information Security Distribution » Keeping BackTrack up to Date

    But the script "" gives a lot of errors on line 60 (as far as i remember...).

    Any idea?

    A.t.m. I cannot post the error (i'm on a win machine).

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    I assume that some runtime requirements for the script are not fulfilled. It's hard to predict without the error message though. I myself tried the script on stock Intrepid Ibex and ran into some problems as well while with BT4 as the host I was able to use the script without any issues. So, please either post the error message to be able to investigate what's missing or try BT4 as the host.

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