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Thread: Stuck on WPA crack

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    Default Stuck on WPA crack

    My WPA passphrase consists of 8 Uppercase characters. I can easily bruteforce it if i have the password in a list, however as this is a learning curve for me, i want to try and bruteforce the password without me actually physically putting the password in a list!

    I have tried using crunch to output to cowpatty, but as everyone knows this will take an eternity! Again creating wordlists is also a lengthy process and contains some pretty irrelevant phrases. such as AAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAB...

    I have managed to get cuda up and running with pyrit, but this is pretty usless without a descent list, which im yet to compile as i cant find a 8 char uppercase list!

    I've looked everywhere for solutions, but i've hit a brick wall! What other feasible options are available?

    Any help/info/links is much appreciated!

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    1) There are 8 char lists out there, keep looking.
    2) Generate one on your own. Assuming people actually follow good practices in creating/using passwords there is no such thing as an irrelevant phrase (despite what you seem to think).
    3) Don't bother. Simply accept (as has been proven ad nauseum) that given sufficient time/resources/interest someone can perform this type of attack against your AP. Instead put your time and effort into securing your AP and putting some rigour around keeping it up-to-date and changing the passwords.
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