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Thread: BT4-Pf installation on vmwareworkstation 6.5.2

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    Default BT4-Pf installation on vmwareworkstation 6.5.2

    hello dear all Members it would be great helping us and as we always looking for seniors precious adviceses and seeking worth wile guidance.

    i need to know the solutions of this problem i always get

    i have downloaded BT4 PF and when i boot it shows me >>

    grub> boot

    starting up . . .

    error 8:kernel must be loaded before booting

    Can somehelp please...its appreciated.

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    You are REALLY in the wrong area
    this one is for:
    BackTrack 4 Howto Tutorials and Howtos about BackTrack 4 (NOT for requesting tutorials or how to do anything)
    I guess someone will be in trouble today

    I'm a newbie, but I just installed bt4 prefinal in my vmware and it's works fine with me
    so here's a hint
    when you setup a new vm and select a guest operation system you should choose
    operation system: Linux
    Version: other linux 2.6.x kernel

    I'm not sure but this may help you

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