Forgive me if this has already been mentioned. Searched this forum and only found one oblique reference here to the Ubiquiti cards (the newer kernel request).

I realize it may take a while for other developments to catch up, and these SR71C and SR71X cards are relatively new. Consider it a "Wish List" item for when it can be added as an update to the Ath9k drivers.

Several points:

  • I'm lucky I got one of the last HP business machine models with a Cardbus and could use the SR71C to replace my aging ORiNOCO Gold 8470-WD b/g card.
  • Everything new I see now has Express Card and those folks (willing to spend the money) could use the SR71X. Supposedly the "break point" between Cardbus and Express Card was in 2006.
  • The number of "n" networks are increasing in number; every time I do a site survey I see more of them.
  • A card in the card slot make for lower profile appearance . . . less "stuff" hanging off the laptop that attracts attention . . . and easier portability.
  • The SR71C and SR71X cover it all . . . a/b/g/n with high power . . . albeit at a price.

So . . . when it can happen as I realize some work must be done on the drivers first . . . I'd like to see the drivers for these Ath9k chipsets added to BT4.

In the meantime I'll "make do" with the 8470-WD. Thanks to those who made the madwifi-ng legacy update available for BT4 . . . it got my old card working.

Edit (08/14/09):
Just received an SR71-C today (even if it didn't work in BT4 I have other uses for it) . . . and am a little confused . . . as it appears to actually work with the Ath9k drivers. Haven't fully tested it yet, but Kismet's Server side works for complete monitoring of at least "g" networks and was able to use Wicd to connect to my own AP. All the research I had done about its chipset led me to believe it wasn't supported in the Ath9k drivers at all. Hmmmm. I need to play more with it! Did something get slid in with the pre-final update (per the Blog)? Did have to completely reboot after using Wicd to get it to stop associating itself automagically with my AP (stopping and restarting "Network Services" and telling Wicd to disconnect it from the AP didn't work . . . even after disabling the Wicd auto-reconnect options).

Edit (08/22/09)
Had some time to try more extensive experiments on my "honeypot" AP with the SR71-C (Cardbus version) using the ath9k drivers. The SR71-C works with Gerix-WiFi-Cracker. Details about my tests and how well it worked will be posted under the "Working Hardware" section where it will get better visibility. This is amazing given the remarks I'd seen after searching for information about the BT and the card. Leaves me with the impression that some of the info about what works and doesn't work is stale.

-- John