Under MSWindows, I use a program called "ConvertXtoDVD" in convert video files into DVD format.

It's not very often that I burn a video to DVD, so it's not too big a deal having to boot in MSWindows once in a while to do it.

Anyway, I'm looking for a Linux alternative, here's what I've got so far:
1) Use ConvertXtoDVD under Wine
2) Use DeVeDe

Has anyone here converted video files to DVD under Linux? I've heard that ConvertXtoDVD works fine under Wine, and from my experience using it in MSWindows, it does a great job.

I've heard that DeVeDe doesn't produce DVD files of the best quality though.

Of course I could convert a few video files and compare the quality but I'm hoping somebody else out there has already tried this out

By the way if you can suggest any other programs to use, I'm all ears.