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Thread: Converting video files and burning to DVD

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    Default Converting video files and burning to DVD

    Under MSWindows, I use a program called "ConvertXtoDVD" in convert video files into DVD format.

    It's not very often that I burn a video to DVD, so it's not too big a deal having to boot in MSWindows once in a while to do it.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a Linux alternative, here's what I've got so far:
    1) Use ConvertXtoDVD under Wine
    2) Use DeVeDe

    Has anyone here converted video files to DVD under Linux? I've heard that ConvertXtoDVD works fine under Wine, and from my experience using it in MSWindows, it does a great job.

    I've heard that DeVeDe doesn't produce DVD files of the best quality though.

    Of course I could convert a few video files and compare the quality but I'm hoping somebody else out there has already tried this out

    By the way if you can suggest any other programs to use, I'm all ears.
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    I use avidemux for video manipulation on Linux (converting formats, fixing AV sync issues), although I haven't used it specifically for converting to DVD

    Theres a guide on the avidemux wiki for this.

    Converting to DVD - Avidemux2
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    i would definatly use DeVeDe. from personal experience it is a great program. i dont know how flexible it is to create menus and stuff, but it does the trick. i can easily set it up wiht in 5 mins to convert a vid file and make the final output an iso. then k3b comes into burn the iso to a disc. very simple, esp with the gui and if not looking for something overly complicated. as far as quality goes, im pretty sure it depends on your input file, but i could be wrong. in anycase before you burn, press the adjust disc button, this changes some settings so that the final result is almost the full size of a dvd, thus your not wastign space and you are getting the best quality for the burn. also remember to change the settings from PAL to NTSC if that is the case for you. i know its set to PAL by default.
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