BT4 has sslstrip v0.2 installed. I like running live CD's instead of installing so updating this tool would be great. Thanks


Changes in 0.7 (12/18/09)

    * Fixed a minor bug that could prevent favicon spoofing from working correctly (thanks Simon Nicolussi). 

Changes in 0.6 (9/22/09)

    * Fixed a silly bug in specifing the listen port with -l 

Changes in 0.5 (9/11/09)

    * Switched to a fully asynchronous model, which should result in tremendous performance improvements.
    * Filter response headers.
    * Started embedding favicon links in the head section of server responses, to increase the chance that a browser will make a request for a secure favicon. 

Changes in 0.4 (7/24/09)

    * Fixed a bug that would result in truncated pages.
    * Fixed a bug in relative link matching (thanks Naumaan Mohammed Nayyar)
    * Included some optimzations that should speed things up again. 

Changes in 0.3 (7/15/09)

    * Fixed the regular expression compilation to work with Python 2.6.2 (thanks Simon Vans-Colina)
    * Included some optimizations that should speed things up a little.