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MISSION: Let JTR pipe its live-generated 8-character passwords into Aircrack-ng. It syhould be possible to stop/start since JTR saves states.

For further information on directly piping output of JTR into Aircrack, please refer to the following documentation entry: [ask me if you need the link].
Conclusions I've drawn so far: First of all, the documentation of JTR is a total mess. Seriously.
Secondly, it doesn't make much sense to set bruting mode to the full length from 8 to 63 characters. For the sake of analysis, 8 chars will do.

* In john.conf, incremental mode has to look somewhat like this:

File = $JOHN/alpha.chr
MinLen = 8
MaxLen = 8[/colour]
CharCount = 26
The corresponding command to launch the rocket will probably look like this (NOTE: The following command must be run in JTRs path):

john --incremental:alpha --stdout | aircrack-ng -0 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 -w- *psk.cap
* JTR seems to use its dictionaries in the cracking process.
(the code needs to be changed so that JTR tries EVERY single combination possible with 8 characters without touching any


In the above code JTR uses all lowercase letters as input and pipes them into Aircrack-ng. Option -0 brings some colour into the world. Even if you only have ONE network in your captured file specified (which should be the case since you are working on your own network, right?) Aircrack-ng asks for an ESSID (option -e/--essid) and/or BSSID (option -b/--bssid). With "-w-" (without quotes) Aircrack-ng knows that it gets its input from another program: JTR.

Further questions to the above:

* Let's take another look at john.conf: Is the CharCount still correct when changing MinLen to "8"?
* JTR saves its progress by default, but how exactly is it possible to resume a stopped session in combination of Aircrack-ng?

If anyone of you knows an answer to the above questions: I'm all ears. Thanks for participating, guys.


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