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Thread: Installing BT4 via usb drive on new netbook - issue

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    Default Installing BT4 via usb drive on new netbook - issue

    I'm installing backtrack to use for a project for my wireless networking class. I have an Acer Aspire One netbook and I'm installing from bootable USB stick.

    When I type "startx", it goes through the motions of giving me a bunch of text, followed by: "Fatal server error: no screens found"

    On the other hand, if I try to run, I get

    "Copying to /usr/bin
    cp: cannot stat '' : No such file or directory
    Finished installation
    Start with"

    Trying to run obviously does not work either.

    What gives? This is a fairly new laptop I guess, but why is this happening? How can I solve this?

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    Default Re: Installing BT4 via usb drive on new netbook - issue

    Have you tried running the fixvesa command? That should be a first step.

    EDIT: I did the searching for you *slaps own wrist*. Here:
    Also unless I run "fixvesa" I get "no screens found" error when I run "startx"
    Now, for the script, it calls the Ubiquity installer. The Ubiquity installer requires X to be running. Since your Xserver isn't running, Ubiquity can't launch. Since Ubiquity can't launch, you can't install via the script.
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