Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile.

So my Macbook Pro (3,1) late 2007 died. So I'm looking to upgrade. I had been successfully using bt3 for some time with my builtin airport extreme b/g/n Atheros AR5008 chipset using the live CD.

So, now I have a heavy paper weight, and have to get a new macbook pro. Unfortunately the new ones come with the Broadcom BCM4322 chipset.

I'm pretty sure, from reading, that the BCM4322 chipset won't inject, possibly worse? It just sounds like the Broadcom chip isn't going to work as smoothly as the AR5008 did.

What's a good USB or PCMCIA adapter that I could most likely pickup at NCIX dot com? One that either has the same AR5008 chip or something else that i could easily use with my previous knowledge? I had a good experience with BT3 using the live CD. I just booted and away I went, so I'm trying to stick with that as much as possible. I'll have to use BT4 since BT3 won't load on a new macbook pro (tried at BestBuy, got an error and had to reboot). BTW, the new unibodies don't have a PCMCIA slot, but I might get a refurbed that still has one.

I've checked the list of compatibly for BT4, I can't seem to find anything with the AR5008 chip that's easily available.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.