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Thread: Wireless card not found on both pc's

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    Unhappy Wireless card not found on both pc's

    Okay, I just downd Backtrack 4 and it doesnt see any wireless card on both of my pc's. There was absolutely no problem with Backtrack 3 and previous versions. The wireless card on my first pc is an intel pro wireless 2200 BG and the other one is an USrobotics MaxG PCI adapter. I havent found any drivers and I already googeld the problem. I searched the forums as well. When I start airmon-ng, it only sees eth1. When I start Wireshark, it only sees lo and any. When I try to make a new connection using the KDE connection program (the name slipped away), it doesnt see any Essid's when i search.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    intel/pro wireless 2200 bg should be supported out of the box with both backtrack 3 and backtrack 4. The interface name you should be looking for is ethX.

    I don't know why you are using airmon-ng to make a monitor interface out of it.. you can simply use iwconfig to change the interface into rfmon mode.

    As for USrobotics MaxG PCI Adapter, it would help if you could paste your lspci -k output using backtrack 4

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