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Thread: Creating IVs or "more data #" *I used search.*

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    Default Creating IVs or "more data #" *I used search.*

    I experimented with cracking my WEP. It was easy to do when I left one laptop cracking and used my other laptop to surf the web.

    The data # increased consistently and reached 40k in no time. I now want to experiment using both laptops to crack my AP. I have thoroughly searched google and it seems to indicate that I should be "creating more IV's".

    I tried this command:
    aireplay-ng -2 -b <AP MAC> -h <Client MAC> -n 100 -p 0841 -c FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF wlan0 to no avail. It told me it could find no such BSSID.

    I also tried:
    aireplay-ng -3 -b <AP MAC Address> -h <Client MAC Address> wlan0 and this didn't work either.

    So, what would be the best way to crack my AP's WEP with two laptops?

    Evidence of search:

    EDIT: I can't post evidence of search because you need 15 posts to post links.

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