im using bcktrack 3 final

but i have lots of question

hope you answer me

1) i can listen to cd music
i open kde-multimedia-xmms
i open a .mp3

and it says
please check:

you sound card ins configure properly
you have the correct output plugin
no other program is bloking sound card

but i can listen to youtube video
and i run alsaconf and configure my sound card

any ideas??

2) slapt-get doesn not find anything

i dont know wich repositories to write


when i write in the shell:
lzm2dir realplayer-10-0-8-805.lzm /root/real
lzm2dir realplayer-10-0-8-805.lzm real
lzm2dir realplayer-10-0-8-805.lzm
shows me this error:

Convert .lzm compressed module back into directory tree
usage: /usr/bin/lzm2dir source_file.lzm existing_output_directory

please can you help me?'