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Thread: problem with Wicd and WPA2

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    Default problem with Wicd and WPA2

    Hi guys.

    Im having trouble connecting to my home network..
    Its configured to work on WPA2 but wicd wont connect to it..

    it just gets plain stuck on authenticating..
    i know the passphrase its ok (its mine).. i'v read about this problem.. but havent find a solution yet..

    can anyone give me a hint.. or a complete solution lol

    thanks in advance guys

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    I had same problem with Proxim ORiNOCO Gold 8470-WD until I updated/upgraded the BT4 pre-final distro per the offensive-security Blog . . . including discarding and purging the Ath5k drivers and installing the madwifi drivers as part of that. Check your WiFi drivers. Using the original distro DVD I could supposedly connect to my WPA2/AES(CCMP) WiFi, but that was it. No working network connection . . . not a single packet. After creating the customized DVD with madwifi drivers, the ORiNOCO worked perfectly. In addition, the Blog also gave instructions on how to drop back to some legacy RealTek drivers. Based on what I experienced with the Ath5k versus the madwifi drivers I'm thinking you should check the drivers for your WiFi card.

    -- John

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