I am putting this in general IT because I am not ready to add this version of pyrit to the .iso. ebfe has released a stable 2.3 and I have added that to the repository for now.

Pyrit has some exciting new features in svn. there is no longer any need for cowpatty. Pyrit can crack the hash's on its own. To check out this new feature you will need to compile pyrit and cpyrit your self from svn source.

kracker ~ # pyrit
WARNING: IPv6 support disabled in Python. Cannot load scapy IPv6 layers.
Pyrit 0.2.4-dev (svn r146) (C) 2008, 2009 Lukas Lueg http://pyrit.googlecode.com
This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3

Usage: pyrit [options] command

Recognized options:
  -e    : ESSID
  -b    : BSSID
  -f    : filename for input/output ('-' is stdin/stdout)
  -r    : packet capture file in pcap format

Recognized commands:
  analyze            : Analyze a packet-capture file
  attack_db          : Attack a handshake with PMKs from the db
  attack_batch       : Attack a handshake with PMKs/passwords from the db
  attack_passthrough : Attack a handshake with passwords from a file
  batch              : Batchprocess the database
  benchmark          : Determine performance of available cores
  create_essid       : Create a new ESSID
  delete_essid       : Delete a ESSID and corresponding results
  eval               : Count the available passwords and matching results
  export_cowpatty    : Export results to a new cowpatty file
  export_hashdb      : Export results to an airolib database
  export_passwords   : Export passwords to a file
  import_passwords   : Import passwords from a file
  list_cores         : List available cores
  list_essids        : List all ESSIDs but don't count matching results
  passthrough        : Compute PMKs on the fly and write to stdout
  selftest           : Test all cores to ensure they compute correct results
  verify             : Verify 10% of the results by recomputation