Hey guys,

I know this topic is discussed all the time - i've gone through many of the old threads but cant seem to come to a conclusion.

Im running airodump and then aireplay but cant seem to get handshake. Aireplay does send the DeAuth properly.

My first attempt to do the whole WPA2 crack I did it successfully. I captured the handshake and then cracked it - all following xploitx's tutorial. Ever since though I cant seem to get another handshake. What could have gone wrong?

I heard range can effect it - i have tried moving a round a bit, no real success(I can pick up internet from where I sit normally so it should work).

airodump has been running for about 7 minutes so far - hasnt picked up any client connections either...hmm?

Oh and yes - this is my own private network I am testing it on. Running BT3 on a dell 600m. Network is WPA2.

What could it be?

Thanks in advance