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Thread: macfiltering, am I thinking this right

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    Default macfiltering, am I thinking this right

    so giving some thought about mac filtering
    1. only the mac's that are programed into the router will connect?
    2. I can run airodump, gather these mac's spoof my card and connect when that device is off
    3.if all devices are on then can I kick someone off then have my spoofed pc take its place?
    this is what I am unsure about
    that mac filtering is only wireless devices?

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    There isn't really a direct question here, so im not sure what your asking for. Remember.... always Google your question before posting.... just so you have an idea of what your talking about instead of being spoon fed.
    First, MAC filtering is not specific to wireless networks, any kind of LAN environment with the right software can filter peoples MAC addresses from the network.
    Second, Technically, yes MAC filtering only allows the computers with specified MAC address's to connect to that Access point, however there are ways of getting around this without changing your MAC.
    Third, May i suggest Kismet instead of airodump for gathering MAC's... do a little research and you'll find out why.
    Fourth, Yes you can copy a computers MAC that is connected to that network, spoof your own and than connect, however it wont work if there are two computers with the same MAC on the network. You will need to deauth the client than take their spot. Again, this would be a very noticeable attack, because when the legit user try's to reconnect, this can cause them to go offline, or you depending on network traffic.
    Again, not sure what you were asking so hope this helps.

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    On the topic of mac filtering on an ethernet, look at port filtering switches, and 802.1X (which I run on my local LAN)
    Still not underestimating the power...

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    Another thing to do to learn is just try it out. I am at work at the moment so I can't. Give it a run, figure out if it was successful or not, then post back and let us know.


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