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Thread: MDK3 installation script

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    Default MDK3 installation script

    After reading the thread on
    I decided that a simple script could do why should the user have to install mdk3?
    Yea yea yea, I know that I'm a scripting newbie so go ahead and laugh, but if you could help me alter this so that it works better, I would be delighted.

    Once again, it probably won't work...I just need some tips on fixing this script up.

    ALSO! This doesn't have that whole blacklist change idea, cause on my pc it works just fine either way.

    Download link:

    Go ahead, try it, I DARE YOU :cool:

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    Why has the BT4-Beta forum been closed?

    It's hard enough to come up with an excuse to still be using BT3, let alone still be using a Beta.
    Ask questions on the open forums, that way everybody benefits from the solution, and everybody can be corrected when they make mistakes. Don't send me private messages asking questions that should be asked on the open forums, I won't respond. I decline all "Friend Requests".

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